New doc set, new features, and more on Mark2Cure

This week, we are happy to add a new doc set, and introduce a new feature. Given that our awesome Mark2Curators have already completed about 27% of the CDG quests, the next document set (o-linked glycosylation disorders) has been loaded and is ready to go! Earlier this week, we introduced the new ‘Team’ field, which will allow us to add some new dimensions to the user experience and enable us to further engage in collaborative outreach. We will be updating the user profile pages and profile settings to reflect this new feature in the near future.

Mark2Curators have been sending us (and posting to the Wikia forum) all sorts of suggestions–some of which are easy to implement; others, more time-consuming. Even if we do not implement all of them immediately, we are grateful to have them, so thank you for your feedback! A few users have confessed their uncertainty with the genes concept and have requested resources for learning more about genes and gene products. Mark2Curators who ask questions and ask for learning resources are fantastic! We admire curiosity and the desire to know more, as these are important traits in science.

This post was originally written for Mark2Cure and can be viewed in its entirety here.