Max’s Mark2Cure talk at SDBUS, Birthday wishes for Bertrand, and more

Last Wednesday, our lead programmer (Max) was the guest speaker for the San Diego Bioinformatics User Series over at UCSD. We were thrilled to see a Mark2Curator show up for his talk (big shout out to TAdams), and understand that not everyone who wanted to attend could make it. Fortunately, we’ve recorded his presentation, and after editing it (to remove the excessive motion from my poor filming technique), we’ve finally made his talk available. The video processing is one reason why this newsletter was sent today rather than on Friday (when it should have been sent out.)

The other reason is that it’s Bertrand’s birthday! If you’re new to the Mark2Cure community, you might not be familiar with Bertrand Might, whose infectious grin graces our landing page. Bertrand’s birthday serves as a reminder of each unique NGLY1 child that has inspired Mark2Cure and of the rare disease community members who have joined the effort to make sense of the literature.

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