The O-linked Glycosylation disorders doc set contained 195 abstracts, while the first misfolded and mitochondrial doc set had 105 abstracts. BOTH doc sets were completed this week by the citizen science participants of Mark2Cure. 300 abstracts is no laughing matter considering that each abstract was read and annotated by at least 15 different users. That’s 4500 doc annotation submissions!

With the completion of these two doc sets, we’ve opened two more doc sets. Our smallest set yet is about Eeyarestatin and is already halfway done!

If you’re curious how your contributions matter, take a good look at the annotation network for Eeyarestatin. Are you seeing just white space? That’s because the computer has no idea what’s in this doc set yet, and needs you to point out what in this doc set. Once a quest reaches 15 completions, the annotations for that quest will appear in the network. Help build the network by finishing a quest today!

View the full post here.

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