Alacrima–done! You did it! Now for that pesky CDG…

Thanks to you, the Alacrima doc set has been completed. We’ve added a new doc set, but the CDG and O-glycosylation doc sets still need a lot of help.  The CDG doc set is already close to 80% complete, but it is a huge doc set. Help complete it:
Max has been busy adding small features here and there as he prepares to work on building a dedicated discussion forum for our community and adding copy/paste functionality. Some of our new features include:

  • Changes to Training 4– We’re listening carefully to your suggestions on how to improve this module, hopefully the new fixes help
  • Quick stat box– See your own stats quickly on the dashboard
  • Leaderboard improvements– Top the monthly, weekly, or daily charts! Contribute today and make your mark!
  • Load times– Max has been optimizing some of the code so the dashboard and docs should load much more quickly now.

In case you missed Andrew’s live stream talk about Mark2Cure at the Stanford Big Data to Biomedicine conference, Stanford has finally released the video.

This post was originally written for Mark2Cure and can be viewed in its entirety here.


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