As Andrew previously alluded, Mark2Curators will be marking genes and drugs in addition to diseases in the next campaign for NLGY1. This has created all sorts of challenges which we’ve needed to address (actually, Max already incorporated the ability to do multiple annotation types from the get-go, but we didn’t have a chance to test how users would react to it). Fortunately, we have strong support from local Mark2Curators who have been eager to sort out our user experience issues, and our tutorials are currently being built.

In the NGLY1 campaign, Mark2curators will be able to use multiple colors to denote different annotation types which will be introduced in our new set of tutorials.

Mark2Curators have been a great inspiration to us, so we’re incorporating diseases of interest to our beta contributors into the tutorials and/or practice modules. Our next campaign is to help researchers find cures for NGLY1, but that doesn’t mean we will ignore the diseases our contributors are fighting against. By incorporating these diseases into our tutorials and/or practice modules, we hope to help raise awareness for those diseases.

This post was originally written for Mark2Cure and can be viewed in its entirety here.


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