We’re almost there! Mark2Cure now at 80% completion of the Beta Experiment

Because of the amazing ways in which our Mark2Curators have contributed, we’re now approaching the end of the beta experiment. Since our last post on Tuesday, we’ve gone from 56% completion to ~80% completion of the beta experiment. THANK YOU, Mark2Curators, please continue to contribute and help us finish it!

We're almost there! Help us finish this!
We’re almost there! Help us finish this!

After demonstrating that citizen scientists have what it takes to get the work done, our next step will be to demonstrate that the work done by Mark2Curators can be incredibly valuable to the research community. In this next phase, we expect to tackle NGLY1 and sincerely hope that you will help researchers answer questions about this rare genetic disease. Learn more about NGLY1 here.

The NGLY1 community has been very active in Mark2Cure. Matthew and Cristina Might have been working hard over the years to find cure for their son (and the first patient diagnosed with this disease), Bertrand. You can read more about their incredible story here and here. Matthew and other researchers studying NGLY1 have provided us with questions they think can be answered by the work of Mark2Curators like yourself. Cristina has helped a lot to recruit contributors and introduced Mark2Cure to contacts at the Missouri Military Academy (Team MMA, you guys rock!)

Once the beta experiment ends, our email updates may be less frequent in order to avoid annoying anyone. For those who are interested in keeping up with the newest developments in Mark2Cure, please visit the Mark2Cure blog which we will continue to update on a weekly basis. We will post the results of our beta experiment here as soon as they’re available.

Check out Andrew’s interview on with Daniel Levine on RARECast!

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