Mark2Cure letter header

Did you know that a new biomedical research article is published every 30 seconds?! It’s become impossible for researchers to read every paper relevant to their field of research. Mark2Cure allows citizen scientists to help biomedical researchers make research literature more useful. Mark2Cure contributors enable researchers to find the right information faster, uncover new relationships between disparate fields of research, and generate/prioritize new hypothesis faster. We hope to empower citizen scientists to accelerate research on diseases of interest to them. Curious? Join and contribute now!

The Mark2Cure development team has been working hard to get Mark2Cure in shape and have now launched Mark2Cure for our first major beta test. Although Mark2Cure’s current functionality is but a fraction of where we would like it to be, this test is critical to proving that Mark2Cure is worth the development effort. If Mark2Cure does not garner sufficient interest or contributions, it could be dropped before citizen scientists have a chance to make major contributions to biomedical research. For more information on the idea behind Mark2Cure, click here or click here to see the related Tedx Talk

This post was originally written for Mark2Cure and can be viewed in its entirety here.


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