Merry XMAS and Happy researching!

Here’s just a small sample of various XMAS-named science things:

  • Xmas-1 – A rather mysterious fruit fly gene which may affect fruit fly reproduction.
  • Christmas disease – AKA haemophilia B was named after the first patient identified with the disease, Stephen Christmas. Clinically appears to be identical with classic haemophilia. It is an x-linked form of haemophilia caused by deficiency of Christmas factor (factor IX)
  • Christmas Factor – AKA Factor IX, entrez geneID: 2158
  • XMAS: An Experiential Approach for Visualization, Analysis, and Exploration of Time Series Microarray Data
  • XMAS The Xymmer+Mystrium+Adetomyrma+Stigmatomma clade of ants

What have I missed?