BioGPS Featured Article – siRNA screen for genes that affect Junin virus entry uncovers voltage-gated calcium channels as a therapeutic target | The Su Lab.

One might think that all the hype and panic surrounding Ebola in the US would help to raise awareness for infectious diseases closer to home, but many New World hemorrhagic fever viruses remain largely unknown to the public at large. Junin virus is one such arenavirus that has caused hemorrhagic fever outbreaks in Argentina. Fortunately a vaccine has helped to curb the incidence of disease; however, there are few treatment options available once someone is infected with this virus. Hence, it is important to better understand the behavior of the virus in the host from infection to pathogenesis. Better understanding could lead to better treatment options for not just Junin virus, but also related hemorrhagic fever arenaviruses. The researchers behind this paper used and siRNA screen to find genes that affect Junin virus entry into cells and discovered a potential therapeutic target.

Learn more about this paper and the researchers behind it here. Or go read it now ’cause it’s interesting and free!

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