A record 99,729 queries were made to BioGPS this past October–just 271 queries shy of 100K! Curious about BioGPS users are studying? So are we! If you’ve published and article using/citing BioGPS, share your finding with BioGPS and have your work highlighted in the BioGPS featured article series. For November, we have some interesting spotlights on BioGPS plugins scheduled as well as some interesting research coming from BioGPS users. Look forward to it!

Also, if you like gardening like I do, but don’t always know what to do with the food you’ve grown here’s a recipe for using up all that zucchini from Jenerallyfit.com a side project nutrition/fitness site by a scientist who has done some brilliant work in viral pathogenesis.

    Zucchini Marinara

      2 Zucchini
      3 Servings of your favorite marinara sauce (we used Rao’s)
      4 Italian chicken sausages

    Cut zucchini using spiral vegetable cutter and heat until tender. Heat sliced chicken sausage (or topping of choice) and marinara sauce in a separate pan. Mix together and that is it!

    Makes 2 servings at approximately 370 calories per serving.

Visit her site at Jenerallyfit.com to see some awesome pix of this easy and nutritious meal.

Finally…if you are in the US, don’t forget to vote. You forfeit your right to complain about US politics if you don’t vote.

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