How would thorough annotations improve information extraction from biomedical research literature? To illustrate one of the issues Mark2Cure aims to address, we’ll start with an example drawn from history–the undiscovered public knowledge that an information scientist named Don Swanson successfully mined in the 1980’s.

At that time, there were 2,000 research articles on Raynaud’s syndrome, a disease characterized by feelings of numbness and cold in some parts of the body in response to cold temperatures or stress. There were also about 1,000 research articles on fish oils, but there were no articles that spanned, joined, or linked both subjects.

In the case of Mark2Cure, citizen scientists will annotate abstracts of these research articles since the pace of research publication is much higher now than it was in the 1980’s.

This post was originally written for Mark2Cure and can be viewed in its entirety here.


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