In case you missed it, there was a great post on why you should use Twitter during your PhD on The Thesis Whisperer.


    Twitter has changed the ‘stuffy’ image of academia. Twitter allows for opinions, debate, and input from others. The conversation that is stimulated is often thought provoking, and helpful when forming your own opinions, especially as a PhD student. It is not often that we are privy to the conversations between experts in our fields, or to their opinions. We often see only their rigorous scientific articles and presentations.

    Live tweeting from conferences, tweet chats, and the opportunity to share personal views has opened up the scientific community to greater interaction through an ongoing conversation. Twitter allows the opportunity to have your ear to the ground, and this is invaluable for a PhD student.

    Finally, Twitter is likely to play an even bigger part in our academic careers than many of us realize. This tweet from @AstroKatie is a testament to the new paradigm of academic impact “My supervisor wrote down huge Twitter presence: 7000 followers on my performance review. Social media outreach FTW!”

If you’re still unconvinced, check out the data sets and presentation slides from ASHG that were released via twitter:

And the jobs and post-doc position notices:

Need any more reasons?


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