BioGPS has become the valuable resource that it is because of the contributions from our wonderful user community. Thank you for contributing plugins, suggestions, and ideas–all of which have improved BioGPS for everyone. In order to celebrate the contributions of BioGPS users to the scientific research community, this series will feature publications and articles generated by BioGPS users. We sincerely hope you will join us in celebrating the fascinating work that YOU do.

This series was kicked off with the following featured article:
Molecular Signatures of the Evolving Immune Response in Mice following a Bordetella pertussis Infection by René H. M. Raeven, Jolanda Brummelman, Jeroen L. A. Pennings, Olaf E. M. Nijst, Betsy Kuipers, Laura E. R. Blok, Kina Helm, Elly van Riet, Wim Jiskoot, Cecile A. C. M. van Els, Wanda G. H. Han, Gideon F. A. Kersten, and Bernard Metz.

See the original post here:
BioGPS Featured Article – Molecular signatures of the evolving immune response in mice with bordetella pertussis infection | The Su Lab.


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