Be ready for anything when working on thrilling research
Be ready for anything when working on thrilling research
Trail-mix-and-red-bull genius is a Graduate Student in the Kellogg School of Science and Technology at The Scripps Research Institute, which explains his ability to live off standard graduate student fare like Red Bull and trailmix. The Trail-mix-and-red-bull genius, Louis Gioia (pronounced loo-is joy-ah), joined the Su lab in January of 2014 during the great influx of 2014 (note- the year is not over yet, so it’s not too late join the deluge of new members). Since he joined the lab, the Trail-mix-and-red-bull genius has been strengthening his computational and analytical acumen by riding what can only be described as the roller-coaster of research programming, which looks something like this:
The research programming roller-coaster
The research programming roller-coaster

In Louis’s case, he began working on snp annotations for the OncoRep project when he first joined as a rotation student, and then transitioned into working diligently on the Omics pipe project as he became an official member of the lab. As the Omics pipe project nears completion, the Trail-mix-and-red-bull genius has recently joined a new project on the meta transcriptomics of the microbiome (so you can imagine the ride he has ahead of him.)


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