As mentioned before, the Costco $5 rotisserie chicken is an easy way to prep cheap meals. Today, Let’s talk about the flour tortilla. Costco sells delicious porkyland flour tortillas that can turn shreds of rotisserie chicken into a tasty wrap. Throw in some cheap fresh vegetables from your local small international grocer and you’ve got a salad wrap.

For a breakfast burrito, wrap some scrambled eggs and cheese. If you hate doing dishes, keep a tortilla on the bottom of your plate before adding anything on top, then eat the mess away when you’re done–makes dishes super easy to clean. For a quick, easy, and cheap lunch, nuke some cheese in that tortilla for a tasty quesadilla (throw some shredded rotisserie chicken to give it more protein.)

Burritos are also cheap and easy to make. Open up a can of refried beans add some cheese and that’s a wrap.

How else do you prepare your tortillas?


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